I trained with Force Performance for over 7 years through my high school and Division 1 collegiate soccer careers. This made a huge difference in both my performance and recovery. I saw improvements in my speed, agility, and strength which carried onto the field. I always felt fresh and prepared for everything preseason held. Heather and Will always encouraged

me and pushed my limits to meet my fitness packet times and continuously improve.

Paige R.- Magnificat 2012, High point university women’s soccer

Training at the Force Performance with Will and Heather has been an opportunity that has far exceeded any expectation I ever had first coming to train as a freshman in high school. The demanding yet encouraging and supporting coaching that I have received from both of these coaches has been instrumental in my continuously changing athletic goals. Will and Heather excel at training each athlete for their specific sport. I have trained in the gym at the same time where various soccer, football, hockey, and track athletes were all in the same room, but each athlete had a workout that was fit for their sports specific requirements. This could not be achieved if the coaches did not have a competent knowledge of the various demands each sport requires.I have been fortunate enough to train at many different facilities and gyms throughout my training career, but what sets Will and Heather apart from the norm is their exuberant passion for each individual athlete and their humility to continually shape and develop their own personal knowledge of sports training as a whole.

Troy Dipre, St. Eds football

Training with Heather and the Force Performance Staff has been fantastic for me since 2013. They prepared me to play soccer at the collegiate and semi-professional level. They have an encouraging and positive attitude that has always kept me motivated to keep striving to get better. The training plans they develop for each athlete are challenging and diverse. 

Tristan S- Shawnee State Soccer

I am Michael Dowell a defense back and 400 runner at Michigan State University, I have been training at the force since 2017. Force Performance has helped me achieve much of my athletic goals. It helped me reach first team all state honors and reach states in the 400 in track. Heather and Will have been two people that have really helped me achieve my goals because they have pushed me not just physically but also mentally. They challenge me in every drill I do whether it’s speed training or lifting in the weight room. I am grateful for the opportunity to train with Force Performance and I know that they work has paid off. Training with Force Performance will make you faster and stronger.

Michael Dowell- St. Eds Football and Track. Michigan State University Football and Track

The  great staff at Force performance  was imperative to my success, as they tended to my individual needs as a football player. Significantly enhancing my speed, strength, and agility to new heights! I am now able to fulfill my dream of playing Division 1 college football because of this great team dedicated to ensure the success of all athletes regardless of what sport you play!


Omar F-  St. Eds Football, Div I football-  Air Force Academy 

Through my 8 years of training, Force Performance has not only made me a better hockey player, but a better athlete as well.  Their intense focus on technique and leg drive made it easier to translate my off-ice training onto the ice.  Force performance developed me into a well-rounded athlete; focusing on how these muscles work in unison to enhance my form and improve my athleticism.


Erin L.- Westlake HS 2013, Ohio state Women’s hockey

Training with Force Performance has undoubtedly made me a better athlete. Their staff pushes you each day to help you excel on the field, while also instilling life skills such as a good work ethic and positive attitude.


Ryan H- Gilmour Academy,  Islander hockey club

Adult Fit has changed my life. Instead of going to the gym to burn calories and get skinny, Ive begun to look at my body as a powerful tool that can do anything I set my mind to. I have found a passion for something I didnt know anything about until I met Heather. I enjoy pushing myself and seeing the progress. I am so Happy I found FitPursuit, it has been life changing for me.

Megan Duffy- member since 2016

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